Clandestine kiss-stealing

A series of counterfeit love letters composed and written by machines.

Repetition Legitimizes

A 3D printers printing bed got replaced by a computer screen. An object-detection algorithm tries to make sense of a feedback loop. Depending on its sensemaking the 3D printer adjusts its behaviour, modifying the sequences it prints, modifying the feedback loop.

Dream destinations

A piece of code scrapes stock photography titles and keywords and regurgitates generated imagery onto the marketplace. The software confidently attempts to depict reality but fails.

Book illustrations ‘1 the Road

Book illustrations for the book ‘1 the Road’ which is written by an AI. A project by Thibeau Kindt. The illustrations are generated by an AI trained with Kindt’s drawings.

AI Messages

Words allow ideas to endure through time. An AI was asked to create a new language and write secret messages to its future self(s). The decision was made not to decipher the messages but to keep them encrypted as is. The AI messages are made in aluminium to last so that they can be deciphered in far away futures.

Personal Computer

Latent diffusion model finetuned on my videotapes trying to make sense of its/my world/memories